Topsides Up Sailing FAQ’s

Reminder:  Intro Sailing Lesson

On the Day:  


Run on both Saturday and Sunday each weekend

12:30 – 15:30

Arrive Early:  at least 5 minutes
To respect all students time, we leave exactly at 12:30.  If you arrive after 12:30 you will miss your lesson.  Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions and voucher voided

Restrooms & Cafe

Not avail on yacht:  No facilities on the yacht, please use restroom next to the Rose Bay Cafe as you will be on the water for up to 3 hours.

Rose Bay Cafe:  The cafe is directly opposite where you need to meet.  You can buy water, or have a meal or snack before or after the sailing intro.  Less than 40m walk to the floating pontoon


Free parking available in the grounds of the ferry wharf/ Catalina’s restaurant.  Also FREE street parking on New South Head Road, or side streets, make sure you park in a 4 hour or more parking bay. Note:  On perfect sunny days, many people park, so give yourself plenty of time to find parking.  You may need to walk a distance to get to the floating pontoon on time.

Also across the park, approximately 150m there is additional parking next to the tennis courts.

Rose Bay shopping centre is about a 10 – 15 minute walk also.


Rose Bay Floating Pontoon – Off New South Head Road, Rose Bay, near Lynn Park.  If you are walking in from New South Head road entrance, it’s the first pontoon you see and directly next to the boat launching ramp.  (images at end of email)
Important:   It is not at Catalina’s the Ferry Wharf or the Sea Plane area.  If you are at any of these locations, head back towards the main road (New South Head Rd) and look to the right hand side, you will see a ramp leading down to the water for boats to be launched and directly to the right of that is the pontoon where we meet.
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Tender pickup:   We use a small 6 person (less when windy) inflatable boat, known as a RIB. You will all be collected on this RIB and motored “tendered” to the Training/ racing yacht for your lesson.
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topsides up sailing school location of pick up from eye level on water @ Rose Bay Public Floating Pontoon
topsides up sailing school location of pick up from eye level on water @ Rose Bay Public Floating Pontoon
Topsides Up Sailing School location of pick up
Topsides Up Sailing School location of pick up

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What can I bring?

Weather can change quickly on the water, ensure you bring:

Hat (preference with hat strap as the wind can blow your hat off)
Sunglasses (preference with a strap as they could fall off)
Wet weather jacket – if raining
Pocket camera – if you want to take photo’s – at your own risk
Water Bottle – it’s important to stay hydrated
Shoes:  non slip soled flat shoes (not black soles) is best or barefoot if you don’t have anything (thongs are not permitted)

What are we not allowed to bring:

Food:  We do not allow any food consumption during your lesson
Shoes:  Black soled shoes or thongs

What do I do with my personal possessions & valuables?

The yacht will move from side to side and also the yacht can get wet, so if you bring these possessions, they are at your own risk.

Bags:  If you have to bring a bag, we can store this below deck, in the cabin area.  Remember you selected your lesson on an exciting sports yacht, it may get wet or tossed around
Valuables:  Camera’s, watches, jewellery etc.  We recommend NO valuable be bought onto the yacht

Weather Forecast:

After ‘the real experience of sailing even more? We always check the weather, days before the event, the night before and even the day of sailing and if anything looks odd we often make the decision as late as possible.

We recommend the following Seebreeze site  to start looking at how to read the weather:

Click on the images below for exact links we recommend you look at:

Sydney Harbour Winds Graph

seabreeze png image












and the Inshore forecast

Seabreeze Inshore Forecast sample







After your Lesson:  

Eager to do more:   You might have gotten the sailing bug “careful it happens” and you may want to take on additional courses.  I would love to continue to share this incredible journey with you and provide you with the next steps you can take.  If you are interested, let’s have a quick chat at the end of the lesson, so I can answer all your questions and needs.